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Abraham Pandithar
Rao Sahib Dr.Abraham Pandithar: a notable missionary, musicologist, agriculturist, and medical practitioner. His outstanding acheivements: wrote ‘Nanmarai Kattum Nal Vazhi’ (The good path the good book shows). Composed Tamil Christian lyrics to Carnatic music, "Karunamirta Sagaram" (music research books) which he published in 1917, research work into Indian Medicine
Vedanayagam Sastriyar
The Glory of the Lord Jesus and the Good News of His Salvation were penned in popular Carnatic Style by the great Christian Poet, Vedanayagam Sastriyar. Born in 1774 at Thirunelveli, he was sent to Thanjavur to learn under Rev. Schwartz. He later went on to become the principal of that Bible School where he wrote most of his songs. He was also a great social reformer and wrote against the social evils and superstitions in practice during his day. His work for the Lord is still recognized and he served Him faithfully until his death at the age of 91 in the year 1864. His descendants carry on his mission until this day.
Rev. S. W. Savarimuthu
Rev. S.W. Savarimuthu, of Thanjavur was a Christian ambassador to the Hindus. As a Theologian, he represented India at the World Council of Churches along with theologians like Hendrick Kraemer and Paul Tillich.
His monumental commentary on Rakshanya Yathrigam of H. A. Krishna Pillai and the Jebamalai of Vedanayagam Sasthriyar won for him the Titles, “Rakshanya Yathriga Sanrone” and “Thamizh Mamani” by the International Christian Academy. A student until he died at the age of 89, he donated 400 rare Tamil books to the Library in the Saraswathi Mahal in Thanjavur.
The birth place of Bharatanatyam
Thanjavur is still the center of all the classical arts and music. It has produced many classical musicians and bharathanatyam dancers and is also well known for its unique painting style called Tanjore Painting and Thavil, a percussion instrument.
The 'Sangeetha Mahal‘, the hall of music is situated in Thanjavur. The birth place of Saint Thiagaraja, the great Indian musician, Thiruvaiyaru, bears testimony to the cultural heritage, in honour of the great Saint Thiagaraja.
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